You Need a Money Accountability Buddy

April 17, 2019 by Bethany Frank

A gym buddy – they force you to get off the couch, finish your reps, and hold you accountable. Just like a gym buddy makes working out and getting fit a more enjoyable and successful experience, a “money buddy” can help you reach your financial goals.

As Alicia Adamczyk on LifeHacker shares, “Your buddy can be anyone—and there are apps you can use, too—but ideally, he or she is someone you trust, whose feedback you won’t take personally, and who’s on the same page as you.”

Alicia continues with an example of one couple who paid off thousands of dollars in debt by openly sharing their financial goals with some core friends and asking them to hold them accountable for their financial decisions.

“It was the smartest move they made during their debt repayment journey, he says: “The support that we got from them — the texts and phone calls of encouragement — really made a difficult experience for us that much more gratifying”, they told CNBC.

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