The Growing Trend of Framilies

December 6, 2018 by Lily Wright

As the times change and social circumstances evolve, the concept of a “framily” has become much more common in our every day social structure. This trend is so common that there are even holidays devoted to celebrating them, like friendsgiving and friendmas.

According to Urban Dictionary, a framily originates, “when friends become like family. Closer than close, they may know you better than your own family.”

How have these framilies evolved and why is the trend on the rise now? Well, for one, young adults today are getting married way later than their parents or even their older siblings. According to the most recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, the average age of first marriage for women in 2017 was 27.4 years. For men, it’s slightly older at 29.5 years. That’s the longest Americans have ever waited to get married, and may be a contributing factor into why framilies evolve. For one, many single adults may choose to live with roommates much longer than they ever had before, which helps to create a family-like household among friends who share bills, split rent, and even spend holidays together if their actual family can’t be around or simply isn’t in the picture.

To put it simply, framilies are cost-effective for a lot of young adults, even those who are married and have children. Many millennials were raised in disjointed family structures, but their extended and even nuclear families split up around the globe. By joining forces with friends & their respective families, framilies have formed out of convenience and necessity

But the concept isn’t new; humankind has found various ways of creating framilies since caveman times, where tribes and and groups were commonplace. Although we’ve evolved as a society in immeasurable ways, perhaps the concept of returning to tribes and pods will continue to grow as the world changes.


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