Technology is Saving Time for Families & Friends

November 30, 2018 by Paul M

An increasing amount of entrepreneurs are setting out to tackle a similar problem. It’s one that has been addressed in the world of business but not necessarily in our everyday personal lives.

There is a wave of entrants seeking to bring more streamlined processes to how we communicate, plan, and organize our interpersonal relationships.

Tools like Slack, Google Docs, Quickbooks Online, and Trello have all proven to help businesses operate more smoothly. Whether or not it’s a good thing, our families, friend circles, support groups often times mimic the operations of a business.

We organize events like trips, parties, group dinners that require us to exchange money. We have monthly meetings like book clubs, discussion groups, and play dates that require scheduling and reminders for attendance. We have core families and extended families that have complex schedules and mandatory events to participate in and attend like holidays, birthdays, special occasions. We work together on many projects with those in our personal lives, not necessarily to generate income, but to create value through shared experiences.

Namu gives props to all of those who are working hard to provide organizational and utility tools for our interpersonal groups. Anything that cuts out the minutiae and frees up more time for deeper experiences with one another deserves a few claps.    

Soon, technology won’t feel like it’s mostly working for businesses and individual consumers. Apps, platforms, and tools are on the way that will bring tech to organize our personal lives and truly connect us. Perhaps in the next technological phase of thinking, these tools will have evolved into what we will call “functional social media.”  


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