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So just how will we be combining our incomes, anyway?

Each family is different, and when I explain how my family’s finances work, it may sound like the greatest thing you’ve ever heard…or the dumbest. Only you know how you and your spouse (or significant other or life partner or best-friend-with-benefits or ex-spouse, whatever) should combine your incomes. Also consider this: Maybe you shouldn’t combine […]

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Financial Accountability is Easier Than You Think

Keeping yourself financially accountable can be hard. We live in a world where buying almost anything is as simple as clicking a button. These temptations make it hard to avoid overspending, especially on unnecessary products. Marketing tactics like social media ads, display ads, and retargeting campaigns make it especially difficult for consumers to know their […]

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Honest Brands & How Their Marketing Works

It has become the unfortunate norm to assume that most major corporations are hiding their company’s blunders from their consumers. If not that, many major companies like Rice Krispies, Wells Fargo, and most recently Facebook have been accused of false advertising, misleading advertising, or dishonest and deceptive behavior merely for the sake of earning an […]

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