Stop Fighting Over Money

January 4, 2019 by Lily Wright

While every relationship faces its own set of problems and conflicts, many couples can agree that a few sensitive issues can make staying together pretty hard. According to a 2018 article written by, “infidelity” stands tall as the number one reason that couples divorce, followed closely by “money.”  Of course, neither of these big-time relationship ruiners should seem surprising, but disputes over money can be especially tricky to resolve, especially when the fights originate from a place of financial struggle. Namu explores a few ways to end fights over money before they begin

Accept your financial differences

Generally speaking, every human has their own personal preferences when it comes to spending and not spending money. The best way to set forward on the right foot is to establish a similar mindset – or an agreement – from the get-go.  This starts with determining what you and your significant other value, pinpointing your shared financial goals, and making sure your spending habits are aligned with those values. By coming to an agreement from the beginning, it will hold both parties accountable for their behaviors and limits arguments or disagreements after missteps or damage has been done.

Be proactive about your budget

A lot of financial battles start after the damage has already been done. Either debt has accrued, bad financial decisions have been made, or an irreversible purchase has come into play.  With regular check-ins and conversations, you and your spouse can stay fully on-track and up-to-date with where your money stands and how your purchases are playing into the bigger budgetary view.

Put your family’s future first

If there’s any one known variable about life, it’s that it is fully unpredictable and unknown. By always budgeting for the uncertainties that life can throw at you and your family (illnesses, broken appliances, unexpected damages or losses, etc.), you can preemptively solve major issues before they arrive.  Additionally, it’s important to remember that your family’s core needs are the biggest priority. While it can be easy to spring for personal purchases or materialistic items, remembering to focus on the core needs of your family will help alleviate some of the battles in the end.


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