Painless Financial Advice for People Who Hate Dealing with Money

May 15, 2019 by Bethany Frank

For many, it’s easier to simply ignore their finances than make a financial plan and stick to it. While it may be easy to “forget” to check in on your financial health, the long-term impacts can be worse than one might expect.

As the economy evolves and younger generations find it more difficult to attain the same level of financial security as their parents, even those who hate dealing with money find that they need some sort of plan. People who hate managing their money should think of it less like homework, and more like a game.

Kristen Wong outlines six easy ways even the most money-averse individuals can begin saving and better managing their finances. From setting the right goals to simply watching how you speak about money, Kristen’s advice can help anyone learn how to build a secure financial future one step at a time.

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