On second thought, maybe don’t throw out everything

June 27, 2019 by David Riedel

In April, I wrote about my take on the KonMari Method. I call it “Ruthless Efficiency.” In that blog post I suggested tossing everything you haven’t used in more than 18-24 months.

Forgive me, but I have a caveat. Maybe – just maybe – you’re like me, and you’re planning on making significant lifestyle changes. In my case, it was getting healthier after my second child was born in late 2018. To refresh your memory, I stopped eating junk food, fast food, late at night, and I stopped adding sugar to anything. I’ve also taken up distance running (which I’d done years ago). I’ve lost about 50 pounds in nine months.

Yay, right? Sort of. Because I’ve practiced the art of ruthless efficiency with the bulk (ha) of my wardrobe, I’m now in a position where I must buy clothing that fits. Do you know how dumb it looks to wear jeans with a 38 waist when you’re a 32? It looks pretty dumb. (It’s like one of those old “Saturday Night Live” sketches with the Gap girls who told everyone wearing big pants to “cinch them up” with a belt.) And you know what I’ve rediscovered shopping for new jeans? They’re not cheap.

However, I hadn’t thrown out my running gear. Good thing, too, because buying running gear for all types of weather gets pricey, too; I run five days a week unless there’s a lightning storm nearby, including 100-plus-degree days and blizzard-like days. I have had to purchase several pairs of shoes – running shoes tend to break down even if you don’t use them – but I would have needed to buy new shoes, anyway, given all the miles I’m logging.

That said, I still stand by, mostly, throwing out things you haven’t used for 18-24 months. And I still also throw out boxes that have contents unknown to me. Did they have old clothes in them? Hard to say, but I still don’t miss things I didn’t know I had.


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