Ice your coffee budget because it’s getting hot out there

July 9, 2019 by David Riedel

Now that it’s July, you may have noticed it’s hot everywhere (except San Francisco, where a friend had to buy a winter coat for a long weekend trip). We do lots of things to cool ourselves off in the summer, and some of them are expensive. Here’s a way to always have a cold beverage nearby without having to shell out serious dinero for it.

Make your own iced tea or iced coffee in bulk and throw it into the fridge in as large a container as you can find. It doesn’t sound like much fun, and frankly, it isn’t. But it’s easy enough, and you can make enough of the cold beverages to keep at home (and then pack up to take with you) so you don’t get lured into Starbucks or Peet’s or your favorite coffeehouse on a hot day.

Brew some black tea and add a second flavor for to vary things up. I go with a two-to-one ratio of Irish Breakfast (a standard, strong black tea) and Green Tea Tropical. If you’re into sweeteners, add sugar while the tea is still hot (sugar won’t dissolve in a cold beverage), or add a non-sugar sweetener after the tea is cold (I go with Stevia).

You can make iced coffee in much the same manner. I drink it black with a little sweetener (when I drink hot coffee, I add cream; for some reason I find cream in cold coffee completely nasty).

Here’s perhaps the most important piece of information: Purchase at least two insulated Camelbaks (or Contigos or whatever you prefer), and keep your teas and coffees segregated. There’s nothing more unpleasant than drinking tea from a Camelbak that’s primarily been used to hold coffee.

If you’re going to drink your iced beverages at home, you won’t need an insulated water bottle to hold them, but they’ll warm up in your mugs or glasses. To combat that from happening, make ice cubes with coffee and tea and drop them in your glass when the time comes to cool off. You could also throw in a little mint with the tea-ice cubes. And you know what costs next to nothing to grow on your windowsill? Mint.

Enjoy your summer. Stay cool.


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