How to Improve Your Communication Skills

January 10, 2019 by Lily Wright

There’s a good chance that poor communication has had a negative impact on at least one aspect of your life. Whether it’s work, your friendships, romantic relationships, or your children, you can probably cite one recent time where a miscommunication made life way harder than it needed to be. Even the best, most efficient communicators struggle from time to time, and it’s understandable.  In 2019, we have access to more modes of communication than ever before. Even still, the messages we mean to send often get lost in translation. Every day you unintentionally miscommunicate something to someone, and sometimes the consequences of these mistakes can be high. Namu has three helpful tips to improve your communication skills to improve every aspect of your life.

Focus on your listening skills

Although it may seem trite, it’s impossible to communicate effectively when you’re unable to listen effectively. Being a good listener is the key. By listening to what someone wants or needs, you can better understand exactly what you want to say. People are more willing to listen in return if they believe they’ve been heard. If you’re not able to receive their message, how do you expect your message to be delivered?

Validate others first. 

Listening is a great first step to prepare a solid response, but sometimes just listening isn’t enough. By validating what others are saying to you, you’re showing them you understand and hear their perspective or message. Generally, people are more open to your opinions when they feel as if theirs were honored first. People are also more likely to want to make an effort to validate your response.

Cut to the chase. Efficiency is key!

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who can’t get to the point of their story? If so, chances are good you probably lost interest early on and forgot the conversation completely. Our time is valuable, and our attention spans are shorter than ever. For your message to be delivered effectively, it’s important to cut to the chase and hit all the important details right away. It’s helpful to make sure your message comes from a place of sincerity with thoughtful word choice, too. Semantics are important!


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