Honest Brands & How Their Marketing Works

December 20, 2018 by Lily Wright

It has become the unfortunate norm to assume that most major corporations are hiding their company’s blunders from their consumers. If not that, many major companies like Rice Krispies, Wells Fargo, and most recently Facebook have been accused of false advertising, misleading advertising, or dishonest and deceptive behavior merely for the sake of earning an extra dollar. Namu has picked two companies whose honesty marketing has worked to their advantage and kept their customers loyal.

Patagonia: Sharing company beliefs and staying true to their word

Outdoor clothing and gear retailer Patagonia is well known for sustainability, and their mission to protect the environment is authetic and honest. Most recently, Patagonia released a Fair Trade campaign prompting consumers to learn more about where their clothing is made and why.  Because Fair Trade Certified factories pay higher wages, have a higher standard of living and bring workers closer to earning a living wage, the mission is important. Patagonia is known for some of the most loyal and passionate customers, and their efforts to be an honest & forward-thinking company has paid off.

Panera bread: transparent menu

Bakery-cafe chain Panera Bread vowed to stop using artificial ingredients by the end of 2016. With this in mind, they launched the ”Food As It Should Be” marketing campaign along with a “transparent menu” that lists calories, specific ingredients and nutritional information for every food item. They also released an animal welfare report and positive impact report so consumers could understand the impact their changes were having on a global level. The pay off has been big – just this past year, Panera came in at the no. 4 spot for brands that consumers have an emotional connection with, according to Motisa. The report addressed more than 250,000 U.S. consumers.


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