Month: January 2019

The Millennial Struggle: Crafty Ways to Save Money

Millennials often get a pretty bad rap from elder generations.  The stereotypes are consistent: we’re self-centered, phone-obsessed, lazy, and above all – bad with money.  While some of these negative characteristics might be true for some, it’s unfair to cast an entire generation in such a negative light. It’s no secret that Millennials have faced […]

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Financial Accountability is Easier Than You Think

Keeping yourself financially accountable can be hard. We live in a world where buying almost anything is as simple as clicking a button. These temptations make it hard to avoid overspending, especially on unnecessary products. Marketing tactics like social media ads, display ads, and retargeting campaigns make it especially difficult for consumers to know their […]

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Humans vs. Machines: Who do you trust to handle your finances?

There’s been an obvious trend towards automation in the finance industry over the last several years. But has this resulted in better returns for investors? Are humans better at dealing with natural human behavior (personal finance)? Will there be a trend back towards more tradition money management? Only time will tell. An example of this […]

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