Month: December 2018

Financial Literacy: Should Classes Be Mandatory?

Whether your high school days were a few years or a few decades ago, you can probably answer the following question quickly: Were you taught financial literacy in class?  It’s probably no surprise that most Americans respond “no” to this important question.  While you may remember bits of information from classes like Psychics and Trigonometry, […]

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Report: Millennials Prioritize Debt Management & Career Goals

Like all the generations that came before, Millennials are pushing forward into their adult lives with new struggles and consequently new priorities. Elder generations have been quick to criticize millennials as being lazy, selfish, and financially ignorant, and while the stereotypes ring true for some, it’s important to understand the landscape that these young people […]

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Honest Brands & How Their Marketing Works

It has become the unfortunate norm to assume that most major corporations are hiding their company’s blunders from their consumers. If not that, many major companies like Rice Krispies, Wells Fargo, and most recently Facebook have been accused of false advertising, misleading advertising, or dishonest and deceptive behavior merely for the sake of earning an […]

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